Plumes dans la tête - Stato di Grazia

— Stato di Grazia

performance • Italian premiere

running time 25'

Teatro Franco Parenti

22 March h20.00

23 March h21.00

Plumes dans la tête (IT)

A special phase of the work Formazione Pagana with a staging realised ad hoc for Milan, Stato di Grazia.

Silvia Costa, one of the most interesting young artists of the new Italian scene, develops the fascinating poetic journey she began with Insorta distesa (Uovo 2011). This new solo performance confirms the vocation of the company Plumes dans la tête for an investigation of body and space which is visual as well as spiritual. The performer explores the idea of corruption and deviation, in a both moral and spatial sense. At centre stage, a pregnant image: a leaning figure is silhouetted in the light. But it’s not natural light. As in traditional icons, the golden background makes the image stand out, without shadows or borders. Everything happens in that golden light.

by and with Silvia Costa sound design Lorenzo Tomio lighting design Fabio Berselli stage sculptures by Plastikart Studio Zimmermann & Amoroso e Vito Matera

thanks to Francesco Catterin for his technical assistance and solutions
text from Richard von Krafft-Ebing’s Psychopathia sexualis, first published in 1886

co-produced by AndWhatBesiede(s)Death sustained and promoted by Dadaprod

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