pathosformel - Alcune primavere cadono d’inverno

— Alcune primavere cadono d’inverno


running time 40'

Teatro Franco Parenti

21 March h21.00

pathosformel + port-royal (IT)

«The project devised around Alcune primavere cadono d’inverno stems from the desire to create a language of apparent gestures,…

…such as they can be seen in the movement of light objects on a windy day, or in the simple stacking of small rocks. It leads to the creation of an inanimate landscape which verges on the human; it speaks its own language which suddenly generates a dialogue.» pathosformel

by Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Paola Villani and with Stefano Leone original music live port-royal produced by pathosformel co-produced by Fondazione Musica per Roma, Centrale Fies

pathosformel is part of the project Fies Factory and of APAP Network


pathosformel Carta bianca

Uovo asked pathosformel to curate an independent project within the festival. Within Carta bianca, pathosformel will present their latest piece Alcune primavere cadono d’inverno, realized in collaboration with port-royal; Don’t be afraid of the clocks, original installation conceived ad hoc and, for the first time in Italy, FREEZE! a performance by Nick Steur, “guest” artist invited by the company to participate in the project.


  • © Nicoletta Balestreri